My Promise

My promise, my commitment

My Value

My life, education, career, volunteerism, and community service have been driven by my strong belief in fundamental values that promote the common good. These values have been the compass that has directed my path in life:

Strong Family Values

My family has been my bedrock! Married for 37 years with three children, I have experienced and seen the value of having a stable and supportive family.  ReadMore

Economic Growth

I have owned and operated two fast-food franchise business locations and a transportation business in Winnipeg. I understand the challenges… Read More

Timely Healthcare Access for All

Access to high-quality and timely care should be based on something other than social or economic background. All Manitobans, irrespective of age.. Read More

Safer Community

I want to share my belief that a safer community is essential for the well-being and prosperity of our community. As a leader in our community, I am committed… Read More

Education & Skills Training

As a trained teacher, I understand the immense value of ensuring that children have access to quality education and skills for employment. Read More

More Affordable Life

My over two decades of work in the Manitoba Government have been focused on supporting vulnerable Manitobans’ access to housing… Read More