Advocating to Bring Results to Transconians

Dear Fellow Transconian,

There is no doubt that these are indeed challenging times for everyone. My journey has been dedicated to advocating for the marginalized and vulnerable in our society.  Advocating requires bringing new ideas and perspectives, building partnerships, mobilizing the community, acting and getting into the trenches and remaining there till the problems are solved. Transconians require solution-seekers and problem-solvers who turn adversity into opportunities for positive change and that is who I am.

My life’s journey serves as a testament to the effectiveness of advocacy. Arriving as a newcomer over three decades ago, I was disheartened to learn that my educational qualifications and work experience as a trained teacher were not recognized. This situation was all too common for internationally educated newcomers. Together with the African Communities of Manitoba Inc. (ACOMI), I engaged with the Manitoba Government in 2008 to address this issue. This led to the establishment of the Office of the Fairness Commissioner (now Fair Registration Practices Office), a milestone for credential recognition that paved the way for bridging programs, enabling newcomers to contribute their expertise and strengthen our province’s growth. Witnessing newcomers flourish in their chosen fields fills me with immense pride.

Transconians require a resolute voice, a dedicated advocate, a skilled negotiator, and a unifying figure who delivers results. These attributes are what I bring to the table, as I seek to represent fellow Transconians in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.

Together we can make Transcona greater!

Titi Tijani

My Core Value

Strong family values, Safer community, More affordable life, Economic growth, Education and skills training, Timely healthcare access for all

Creating connections and building networks with purpose.

A Trailblazer for women empowerment

Achampion for Cultural Diversity

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Community Leadership Award
Mayor's Volunteer Service Award
Manitoba Honour 150
Sprit of a Community Builder Award
Kindly Elect Me
Ready to Serve

So if you feel called to serve humanity, I encourage you to explore the many ways you can make a positive impact in your community and beyond.

What I stand for

My life, education, career, volunteerism, and community service have been driven by my firm belief in fundamental values that promote the common good. These values have been the compass that has directed my path toward my six mandates: Strong family values, Economic growth, Education & Skills Training, Timely healthcare access for all, Safer Community, More Affordable Life.


  • 18 years with Titi. Titi’s career and volunteer work have helped the vulnerable and voiceless. She ran a fast-food franchise and drove a taxi in Winnipeg when women of color rarely did.
    Titi’s Winnipeg work is honest, respectful, and realistic. Her teams promote unity and prosperity. Titi has received awards for her leadership, coordination, and work from the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and underprivileged Winnipeg non-profits

    Pastor (Dr.) Lana Adeleye-Olusae
  • Looking for someone that will look out for your interest , a person with integrity , that is dedicated , trustworthy , reliable , and passionate about her community  please look no further than Mrs . Titi Tijani , a proud citizen of Winnipeg . She is coming in with a load of experience in dealing with people at all levels . She is and had been a leader of few organizations in Winnipeg and beyond . A lot can be accomplished when one combines strength , empathy , vision , honesty , and experience . These qualities and more are there for you to enjoy if you choose Titi Tijani as your representative . I assure you . I remain .
    Jam Ogunlola .
    Jamiyu Ogunlola
  • Titi has been and remains one of the sustaining influencers in the Nigerian and African communities and the wider Canadian society. Her tireless work has led to many achievements that have helped individuals and groups meet their goals of making Manitoba a safer and just place to live and work.

    Segun Olude
  • Titi Tijani embodies genuine, bold, and visionary leadership. With Titi as our representative, I am confident that our Transcona community will thrive. I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and urge you to support Titi and the PC Party in the upcoming election.”

    Lawrence Toet, Former Member of Parliament for Elmwood - Transcona (2011-2015)